In 2016, YS Talent celebrated 30 years of success in Southeastern, NC. To show our appreciation to the community and its many nonprofits, we created YS Gives Back, an in-kind donation program. The program supplies nonprofits in need with at least one highly skilled, fully-vetted, and dependable employee free-of-charge. The nonprofit is free to utilize our employee as they need – either serving as a volunteer, an intern or a staff member for up to 40 hours a week, for four weeks. From administrative support, marketing assistance, volunteer recruitment, organizing data, coordinating mailings, event-planning or help with funding, YS Gives Back provides the necessary support. To date, YS Talent has donated 1,398 hours to the community through the program.

We’re learning more about our community than ever before while having a direct impact on our region in a way that is aligned with both our business and motto: Improving lives … one job at a time. Working with local nonprofits has been such a positive experience for not only us, but for each organization we have partnered with. Through YS Gives Back, we have partnered with several local nonprofits including, but not limited to, Moore’s Creek National Battlefield, Cape Fear Literacy Council, Carousel Center, SkyWatch Bird Rescue, Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity, United Way of Cape Fear, Pender County Christian Services and Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry (WARM.)

“At first I was skeptical about the YS Gives Back program because it sounded too good to be true!” states Yasmin Tomkinson, Executive Director of the Cape Fear Literacy Council.  “But it is real, and it was a great experience for the Cape Fear Literacy Council. YS placed Kelli with us for 30 to 40 hours per week for a full month; in that time she not only provided continuity of office support, but also took on a major administrative project and saw it through. We are so grateful to YS and Kelli for providing this resource to the non-profits in our community.”

“YS has been so generous with our agency and we’d love to continue the relationship,” explains Cathy Meriam, Office and Volunteer Manager for the Carousel Center.

“Being a small non-profit, The Carousel Center relies heavily on friends in the community that help us with our daily operations. The YS Gives Back Program brought us the amazing Kelli Connolly who provided us with much needed clerical support. She took on a long overdue filing project which finally brought us current.”

“The donation from YS came at a critical time when our receptionist moved out-of-state,” explains Jeannie Cariker “JC” Skane, Executive Director of the Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry, Inc. (WARM) “Having a skilled person to fill in gave me peace of mind and allowed me to take the time needed to replace our receptionist.”

“YS has benefited us greatly,” states Sandy Harris, President of Pender County Christian Services. “It increased our media outreach through the program and were able to reach a lot more people than before.”

“Last year we had someone from this program with us for a few weeks – Kelly- who was absolutely wonderful,” states Amelia Mason of SkyWatch Bird Rescue. “She helped us with our emergency hotline and creating the educational materials that we share with the public. Even after her time with us was over, she actually stayed on as a volunteer and even adopted of our Parrots named Tinga! Tinga came from an abuse situation and really needed a special owner with lots of patience. Kelly and Tinga are now bonded and inseparable. Kelly did a fantastic job here and really made our summer so much easier for us.”

For more information about the YS Gives Back program, please contact Johanna Hamilton at (910) 799-0103 or

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