IT & Logistics Staffing Expertise

YS Talent’s logistics and IT recruiters can help you improve your life…one job (or one hire) at a time.

Employers! Improve technology and operations

Manage your supply chain more effectively. Connect with people who understand cutting-edge technologies and have the skills and experience to apply them.

With access to our IT & logistics talent, you can:

  • Bring projects in on time and on budget
  • Access specialized expertise
  • Improve quality and operational efficiency
  • Boost productivity and your bottom line

Focus on your business, not recruiting and screening logistics and IT candidates.

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Job seekers! Looking for your next IT or logistics job?

Spend your time working, not filling out applications.
With YS Talent, a single application gives you access to dozens of great jobs with employers in Fayetteville, Wilmington, Whiteville and Lumberton.

People we place include

  • Help Desk
  • Programmers
  • Material Handlers
  • Project & Operations Managers
  • ERP Development & Support
  • Quality Assurance/Control
  • Warehouse Coordinators

Skills we look for include

  • Industry experience (as appropriate)
  • Exemplary verbal communication skills
  • Professional and friendly demeanor
  • Ability to take direction and work as part of a team
  • Familiarity with MRP or ERP software (as appropriate)

Find a new logistics or IT position and advance your career.

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